Tuesday, June 9, 2015


This Effingee, this Beast seems to always be where trouble and discord abound. In my painstaking search I have found evidence of him everywhere, in our city yes, but abroad and even across the globe.

Take notice at his manifestation at the scene of our most troubled incidents of late.

In the ruins of Ferguson Missouri...

In the streets with hooligans.

In the center of conflict.

Our officers of the peace in danger from his jaws!

Reveling in mayhem.

Right at home in this hellish night.

Once again emboldened by the crowd.

Evidence had him in Benghazi at that horrible time.

Can you see him?! At the seat of our government?!

Someone saw him in Nigeria.

His time has come and he will be stopped! I swear it!!

No to set the trap and lay the bait.

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