Friday, May 29, 2015

The Arrival.


I went to see the cage that I built to snare him in and found it in shambles!

He is loose to walk among you unfettered and I don't rightly know where he is off to.

Making no excuses for his grave and brutish nature and disclaiming none of his proclivities for ghoulish behavior, I warn any who should encounter him that he is A BEAST! With no higher moral awareness than an infant.
He may seem docile and slow but he is the essence of strength and endurance. He is fashioned to endure all of the hate and panic and disgust that our world can put out. He can not be harmed by any normal means.
Walking the street he could overturn cars or sweep aside crowds of onlookers with a gesture.

I have only tried to harness him to understand him, to understand us.

Some will say that it was I who called him here with some superstitious summoning or some fringe science. I protest. He was always coming. Any small part I had in opening his pathway was played to serve mankind. I don't expect people to understand my intentions. They barely understand their own.

Now that he is here I will hold responsibility for stemming the chaos and corralling him as best I can until I find his weakness. When I have learned what I can I will send him back to where he emerged from in pieces.

When you see him run. Find a phone or device to contact me. DO NOT ENGAGE HIM.

This is video imagery from very lucky bystanders who survived seeing him.

Here we see him playing the docile imbecile...

All souls who would help capture this BEAST are welcome to join me.


  1. Waiting to see what happens when the popo encounter the beast.