Saturday, May 30, 2015

 My name is not important. But you will need to call me something. Call me professor Vexer. This is the story of the the cup overflowing. This is how it happened.
 In the streets and neighborhoods of our city we see an increase of turmoil and tension. We see and feel rigid edges as bump against one another. It rises in intensity and frequency until we see absurdity as normality.
So I calculated and conjured using science and old arts. After some time a thing like a storm broke and I felt, not saw, a swirling strange form like a tree or a wormhole or tornado, but of emotion and visceral feelings from this city so palpable that it rippled and tore through the city.

 In the whirlwind I saw flashes in my instrument panels. Pieces of images as if watching a creator draft the pain and ugliness into a man like thing.

 And all of a sudden the strange tree thing collapsed as a solid thing does.

 And as it fell it rose again with a strange form inside animating it.

 The tree tore itself and bore from its wound a thing that would walk a while amongst us...
I had no fear over what I ushered in through the strange tree. What will be will be. This is what we need to move past.

 He came through menacing but like an overgrown child.

 He recognized me and seemed to ask for direction.

 So we made a plan.

The rest of the story you are living now.

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