Saturday, January 17, 2015

Showing the prototype at my fellowship's January Meeting. Left and right are Photoshopped concept sketches.
It's about 10 feet tall. The vision is to wear this into the public and interact in character. I envision crewing a narrative based on his new and naive arrival, adaption to the environment and response of the citizenry to him. I anticipate confusion, distaste, acknowledgement and understanding, revulsion, and discourse.
Costuming him to adapt to different environments will be an added challenge. I'm thinking of using technology to enhance his metaphor; color sensors that trigger different sound art, lights etc.
I am depending on the response from the public to push the concept and mythology into an important level of discourse. 
I am challenged by the level of craftsmanship that it takes to make it functional, aesthetically successful and sustainable through use and time.

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